Engineers and scientists throughout the world are advancing steam power technology today.


- The world's smallest steam engine, 1/20th the size of a human hair.

- Electric power without pollution.

- Automobiles, trains, airplanes, ships, buses, motorcycles that operate on clean fuel and are non-polluting.

- Your home powered entirely by solar thermal electric energy.

- Quiet, clean, powerful, palm-sized steam engines operating on virtually any fuel, even hydrogen.

- Steam engines that recover excess engine heat and convert it to useful work.

- Engines that can operate underwater or in outer space without air.

The technology is here and is the place to find the latest information.


"Terrajoule was founded in 2009 to resolve the fundamental barrier to the widespread adoption of solar power as the most practical and economic source of new electricity generation for the 21st century. ...Who expected that reciprocating steam piston engines would play a major role in 21st century energy growth?"


The 4th Annual Steam Meet and Technical Conference

of the Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA) and the International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power (IAASP)

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce our 4th Annual Steam Meet & International Technical Conference March 13-15, 2015 in Seattle, Washington.

Site location TBD.

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