Cyclone Engine White Paper: (PDF) (Word)
*UPDATED 7-22-12* "Today, steam engines again have the potential to power cars, trucks, busses, trains and other forms of modern transportationin ways that are simpler, cleaner, quieter and less reliant on fossil fuels than current practical alternatives."
-James D. Crank

Steam Versus Diesel Class I Perspective 2010
Presentation Outline: Mechanical Engineers of Modern Steam, The Modern Steam Locomotive, Important Technologies Of Modern Steam, American Class I Railroad Needs, Maintenance of Modern Steam vs Diesel, Comparisons of Modern Steam vs Diesel, Infrastructure and Servicing of Modern Steam...
-John T. Rhodes

Cummins Waste Heat Recovery 2008
Cummins Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery - A clear path to the 10% Efficiency Improvement Goal and mitigates cooling system size increases...
-Christopher R. Nelson, Cummins Inc.

Steam Power Update 2007
Status of Renewable and Sustainable Green Steam Power Technology
-Dennis A. Dudzik, P.E.

Zero Energy Houses to design and construct buildings to use zero energy from external power grids, be carbon neutral, and be built and operated at fair market values. This paper is a contribution to the many possible Zero Energy House (ZEH) solutions that deserve further attention.
-Peter Platell, PhD & Dennis A. Dudzik, P.E.

Marine Hybrids of ICE and Steam Engines 2004
RANOTOR R & D Company is working on a modern high performance steam engine for mobile as well as stationary applications...

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