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"Terrajoule was founded in 2009 to resolve the fundamental barrier to the widespread adoption of solar power as the most practical and economic source of new electricity generation for the 21st century. ...Who expected that reciprocating steam piston engines would play a major role in 21st century energy growth?"

Kimmel Steam Power
"This website is about all of the latest work on steam power in the last 75 years. Modern steam power is a little known or understood subject. In contrast to almost all other steam information on the internet, this information is scientifically correct. Therefore it will not offer Tesla turbines, free energy from burning water, or any of the many types of goofy rotary engines that the fertile human mind has invented...."

The Bourque Steam Engine
"An external combustion engine using steam is described which has good efficiency at full power and even better efficiency at the low power settings...."

Turbine Technologies, LTD
"RankineCycler is delivered as a complete and ready to operate steam-electric power plant. About the size of an average office desk, RankineCycler entails beautifully - crafted working components, including a multi-pass boiler, axial - flow steam turbine, AC/DC generator and a condenser tower...."

United States Land Steam Record Team
"The U.S. Land Steam Record (USLSR) Team will seek to become the fastest steam-powered vehicle on earth at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats as early as August 2011...."

21st Century Steam - The 5AT Project
"The 5AT is a totally new steam locomotive design, incorporating the latest proven steam locomotive technology, for hauling main line steam charter and railcruise trains. With a 70% increase in thermal efficiency over "classic" steam, and almost 3500 horsepower available at the cylinders (more than a "Deltic"), its perfomance will amply demonstrate what could have been achieved had steam locomotive development been fully exploited in the 20th Century...."

Green Steam Engine
"Introducing a new piston steam engine design for stationary and marine applications...."

The Ultimate Steam Page
"This web page provides a brief background on steam locomotive development, an overview of several interesting steam locomotive design engineers, and information on the continuing efforts, even today, to produce the Ultimate Steam Locomotive...."

Uniflow Power [formerly Pritchard Power]
"The Uniflow Generator is an advanced small-scale, modern steam engine designed to produce electricity, hot water and rotary mechanical power from renewable fuels. This versatile small energy production platform can also be modified to deliver useful wet or dry steam, and distillation if required...."

British Steam Car Challenge
"The British Steam Car Team achieved five new speed records: The International Record for an average measured mile at 139.843mph; The International Record for an average measured kilometre at 148.308mph; An American National Record for an average measured mile at 148.166mph; An American National Record for an average measured kilometre at 148.308mph (Category A, Group X, Class 3); A Guinness World Record for a measured mile at 139.843mph...."

Barber Nichols
"Barber-Nichols, Inc. (BNI) specializes in the design and manufacture of Waste Heat Recovery Systems & Geothermal Power Generation Equipment. Thermodynamic Cycle Systems including Organic Ranking Cycles (ORC) and Steam Rankine Cycles are a core competency at BNI...."

Mike Brown Steam Engines
"This steam engine is capable of putting out enough power to drive a 500-watt generator, depending on the pressure from your boiler. When the neighbors run out of gasoline and diesel fuel you will still have power from wood, trash, coal or whatever else is available...."

Crower Steam Engine
"When racecar builder Bruce Crower fired up his prototype six-stroke steam engine, it was so powerful that the exhaust blasted paint chips off the ceiling...."

"Small oil mills, rice shellers, sugarcane crushers and jaggery plants, wood working machines, cotton ginning and water pumping can be operated by small steam engines of 10 hp or smaller...."

Strath Steam
"We can supply just about anything you may require related to the type of steam plant a client may be considering ... a steam launch or the whole boat, a condenser coil or feed pump for a power generating plant or the more sophisticated control gear required to successfully operate the automatic firing system for a steam car...."

Centripetal Dynamics
"As a means to improve the efficiency of its waste heat recovery products, the Company is also developing a revolutionary new advanced turbine engine - the TurboFlux™ PGS -- that promises to increase the power output, while lowering the component cost, of its waste heat recovery products...."

Turbosteam Corporation
"Turbosteam's mission is to profitably reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by converting waste energy into electric power...."

Steam Automobile Club of America
"The Steam Automobile Club of America is a Not For Profit Organization, founded in 1958, for the preservation and propagation of automotive steam technology, whether historic, modern, or experimental...."

Cyclone Power
"The design objective for the Cyclone [Steam] Engine is to develop an environmentally friendly, mixed multi-fueled, highly efficient, compact engine....."

"Modern High Performance Small-Scale Steam Power..."

Clean Energy Systems, Inc.
"Emissions-Free Power Generation Eyes Both Climate Change, Grid Relief..."

Quasiturbine Steam Engine
"... no more need for very high pressure steam..."

Oxford Catalysts - Superheated Portable Steam
"One of Oxford Catalysts' most exciting technologies is our chemical method of producing superheated steam (up to 800 C) directly and instantaneously from a liquid fuel mixture...."

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